“We become aware of what our purpose in Life is by recognizing what excites us the most.
And what excites me most is seeing people feeling happy, healthy, glowing and illuminated by Grace.

It is an honor for me to contribute with all that I am and know to empower and uplift.”  evelina

Evelina is a facilitator and practitioner of a wide range modalities from shamanism to modern science protocols effective in empowering people to move beyond the limitations and addictions. Beyond the distorted social programming keeping people stuck, dissatisfied and unhappy.

States like stress keeps us functioning in Survival mode,  flight or fight reactions, anxiety, anger, bad choices, sickness. We stay focused on the people and the circumstances. We keep using them over and over again as an excuse or to reaffirm an emotional state we feel addicted to. When we Overcome & Release these old habits, emotions, blockages, we overcome our past and now we have all that energy available to create a Life we truly Love Living!

Mindfulness is the key to freedom. Yet so illusive to achieve if we don’t have actual practical tools to use daily.

Tools and Techniques

Most of us are looking for motivation yet that has very little influence on our actual transformation and the achieving of different results. When we know and apply practical tools for every situation we are initiating a de-programming of the patterns that keep us in the cause and effect state. We begin to change.

Meditation Techniques

Most people with no experience fear meditation. To some it may even seem like a boring tedious work. In fact meditation does not mean hours of sitting in a weird pose. Few minutes to seconds throughout the day disconnect us from the patterns and algorithms of anxiety, stress and allow us to connect to our potent clarity and focus leading to a precise detached action.

Hands on Body Work

Knowledge is just a rumor until it lives in the muscle. Sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night soaked in the hormones of stress and fear. Sometimes no matter how much our mind wants to overcome the reaction –  the body prevails and the fastest easiest way to erase these patterns is a hands over body technique developed by Access Consciousness® called Access Bars – Find out more about it here


Evelina is born in Eastern Europe and raised by her whole heart-ed clairvoyant Grandmother.

That experience and her own intuitive experiences allow her to see on a deeper levels the fabric of our reality and to recognize with precision blockages, limitations and traumas that people have locked in their bodies and life.

Besides a Facilitator of Healing, She is also an Award Winning Artist & Photographer that has the ability to capture beyond what the eye can conceive.

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What if I told you that unhappy doesn’t exist.

What if I told you that You are made of Joy.

That your Breath is Love,

and your Smile a Life Giving Force.

Can you let go

of the shame

the blame

the doubt.

The lack of

being Loved

or Cared for, because you see

it’s all between you and the Void

that you CREATED.

Can you slam that door of Sadness,

undress your Soul from

every Expectation.

Shed Presumptions..

Close your eyes and feel…trust…

..that we are born to sparkle,

to live in Softness and Swing in Happiness…