“The Dance Your Way to Happy” class is every Sunday, 5.30pm to 6.30pm at

Tustin Business Center, 17802 Irvine Blvd.,Suite 239., 2nd Floor, Tustin CA 92780
Cost for first time visitors is $5
Wear something you feel comfortable dancing with, if you like to wear a pretty long skirt that will be nice as well.
Connecting with your Body, with your Sensuality and your Joy will reflect all areas of your life.
Confidence is sexy and spontaneity is fun!

contact: evelina.pentcheva@gmail.com

When was the last time when you felt Free, Bursting from Joy and in Love with Your Life?

Most of us live in Survival mode – Stressed and Contracted, Super Analytical and Out of Balance!


What if…You could Dance the Dance of Life with a little more rhythm, shaking those hips and becoming a Creator you were always meant to be.


There is nothing more attractive than a CONFIDENT WOMAN with a Spontaneity of a child and a Sense of a Goddess!


This class is like no other!

There will be no steps to be learned.

You will be guided how to connect with your own body and follow that fun path to FREEDOM and JOY.

Through the movement you will be healing and unwinding from your life all the pain, all the shame, all the judgments and projections…all the memories that are holding you back from embracing and becoming Your Ecstatic Self!

Meet Evelina Pentcheva

Evelina is born in Eastern Europe and besides an artist and an award winning photographer, she is a facilitator of personal transformation, healing, and consciousness addict that loves spending time in nature.

“I Believe in the Power of DANCE.

Free style Dance is a Practice of Liberation and Healing. Our body has an ability to store stress and trauma which shows up as disease or pain.

When you connect with your body and move by following it’s guidance, it releases all blockages that keep you stuck and are holding you back!

Dance unleashes our Wild. Ecstatic, Sensual, Sexual, Joyful and Spontaneous Nature and that is sexy and it’s fun.”

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