Magical One,

A warm welcome to the Ecstatic Goddess Alliance.
As women we face and overcome challenges, we heal not only our loved ones but humanity.
We nurture even when we need to be nurtured ourselves.

My vision for our Goddess alliance is to encourage and forward each other to Greatness through wisdom and mostly through connecting to our JOY.

This would be a place where we can drop all barriers and ask for contribution in any area we feel contracted. Because can we trust ourselves being safe enough to open our heart to another and be transparent and unconditionally loving? yes we can.

I ask you to have no expectations for this group because it is like no other. This group is a self morphing self developing organism and each one of us is the building block. The only focus is that we all come forward and connect from the heart.

We will share heart wisdom in circle, we will dance, we will meditate and connect to our joy on the beach and in nature, we will have empowered business meetings, as needed we will create different specialized circles and events..

I love you so much!

With heart!

Lurking in the darkness, deep in your veins, dormant, potent and irresistible, there is already a True Goddess.

An intuitive Powerful Creature.

A Creator of Worlds.

An Enchantress.

Yes! You!

self portrait: Evelina Pentcheva  /