Without going back in time and further solidifying unpleasant, burdening experiences, we use various processes and techniques to release all attachments to the past, all triggers from the present and all blockages preventing us from having and ecstatic joyous healthy life.

The tools and techniques practiced have and effect in the following areas:

~ Releasing emotional residue from the Past~
~ lack of JOY ~
~ lack of clarity or direction in life ~
~ feeling blocked in any area including love, relationships and abundance/money ~
~ chronic STRESS ~
~ alcohol, drugs or food addiction ~
~ abuse ~
~ depression ~
~ anxiety ~
~ PTSD ~
~ frustrating relationships with friends, children or family members ~
~ pains and diseases caused by emotional dis-balance ~
~ procrastination ~ lack of energy ~
~ FEAR ~
~ PAIN ~



Processes and shamanic practices tailored to you and Energetic Hands on Body Work called   Access Consciousness Bars,   designed to release your points of contraction, resistance and emotional residue that’s holding you back.

Session Price – $150
1.5 hours

3 sessions special $375


Skype Session Price – $60
1 hour


For more Info Call Evelina at  949-903-5638

Location: 222 Fashion Ln. Suite 208, Tustin CA 92780

What should you expect from a Your Sessions:

In one session you will see the difference, In two sessions others will see that you’ve changed, After the third session you will have a whole New Presence.



During the first session with Evelina my whole experience was absolutely extraordinary. It was like my mind went on a journey and I came back different- light and happy.
I just looked around me with different eyes.
I have been dealing with both depression, low self esteem and overeating lately and for first time really got a hope that there is a way out of all this. Thinking to do at least two more sessions in the next weeks. Dear Evelina, thank you from the bottom of my heart !!!💕 ❤💕❤️️❤💕❤️️❤💕❤️️

“I just want to thank you for changing my life… that day when you told me about the energy healing and you talked me into trying it, I didn’t take it seriously or believed what magical doors it can open for me…! But ever since, everything in my life started lining up in an amazing way and in all aspects, professional and personal… I feel different, much lighter and happier and energetic and enthusiastic and open to whatever the universe can put in my way! Even People around me started noticing the change and the positive energy I bring around…
I believe now what you taught me once “All of life comes to me with ease joy and glory.”
Thank you for being the amazing you!!”
Maya Dairy


“Evelina you are such a blessing! I cannot thank you enough for showing me a new way of living, for helping me connect to my joy and freedom. ”


“My blood pressure is normal and my insomnia is gone –  I sleep like a baby. Can’t thank you enough”